Lighthouse Healthcare

Lighthouse Healthcare was started in 2005 in a bid to provide unique and innovative nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products to the African market.

The company has continuously looked for niche markets and sustainable opportunities for products initially into South Africa but also more suited to other African markets.



Our Healthcare Provision proposition is based on current trends in Africa pharmaceutical industry namely:

  • The rising cost of healthcare
  • African Government’s regulatory and advocacy for quality and effective healthcare solutions
  • The need for specific and innovative pharmaceutical molecules to address key healthcare issues
  • Increased need & realization for nutritional supplementation in various patient groups as a first line management tool
  • Lighthouse Healthcare looks at effectively  through manufacturing and/or importation, distribution, sales and marketing in Africa.

Vision & Mission

To be an Integrated, Innovative and Pioneering Provider of Healthcare Solutions to the African Population
Our mission is to offer quality, affordable, integrated and effective health care solutions to our clientele.

To achieve our vision, Lighthouse engages in:

  • Building Brands by sourcing Quality Products from selected suppliers that are suited to its current profile and which are congruent with our target audience
  • Importation and/or Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing and Sales of products under our portfolio to healthcare providers in identified market segments
  • Making doctors, pharmacists and patients aware of the benefits of using trusted and are cost effective solutions in health care provision
  • Becoming a focus of trusted quad-alliance between the patients, healthcare professionals, healthcare financers, and suppliers.

Three Key Strengths of Lighthouse Healthcare in the Market

1. Extensive distribution network in South Africa liaising with the 10 top distribution companies that cover over 90% of pharmacies in South Africa. These include

  •  UTi Pharma – The largest single distributor of pharmaceutical products in South Africa.
  • Alpha Pharm Group of Wholesalers – KEMCO (Pretoria & Bloemfontein), NWC (Natal Wholesale Chemists – Durban) and Alpha Pharm Eastern & Western Cape
  • Pharmed Pharmaceutical Wholesalers – Durban Based National Distributor
  • Transfarm Pharmaceutical Wholesalers – Pretoria and National Distribution
  • UPD (United Pharmaceutical Distributors) – Part of the Clicks Group and the 2nd largest Distributor by volume in South Africa
  • Other Wholesalers – City Medical Group, Nazmed, Mista Surge, etc

2. Excellent Relationship with retailers

Currently our products are listed and available through a large network of over 2,500 retailers countrywide. Among them, are the following:

  • New Clicks Holdings – The largest chain of retail for healthcare products in South Africa with more than 420 stores and 280 Pharmacies countrywide.
  • Dischem Pharmacies – 2nd largest retailer with over 70 stores nationally
  • Pick N Pay Pharmacies – Part of PNP group which is the 2nd largest Supermarket chain in South Africa
  • Medirite Pharmacies – Part of the Checkers-Shoprite Group – The largest Supermarket Chain in South Africa
  • ICPA – Independent Community Pharmacy Association – A group of over 1200 Independent Pharmacies countrywide.

3. Good Knowledge & Relationships in Healthcare Market – We have been in the market long enough to establish good relationships with various stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain. i.e. from Medical doctors, Pharmacists, Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Funding organizations (i.e. Medical schemes/aids)

Lighthouse Healthcare has its own Sales force that visits the identified Target Audience based on the product portfolio.

Our current Target Audience strength lies in:

  • Pharmacies – With OTC products
  • General Practitioner – Products targeting the GP
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology – Specific products for this market
  • Paediatricians
  • Physicians – General/Family Physicians (non-specialised)
  • Territory and Client Management Systems
  • The utilization of Smart Phones with interlinked software that tracks doctor/pharmacy visits, live order submission and follow-up, etc.


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