Outraged? Do Something!

Becoming a relentless disruptor and provocative thought leader in entrepreneurship, SME management, and the bold interplay of politics, religion, and philosophy. Are you ready to question everything you know?

Are you ready to question everything you know?

3 Stage Process to Business Success!


Generate Ideas

What idea do you have that can be taken to a business level? How do you test ideas cheaply without throwing money in?


Start-Up Stage

Your idea has been validated and you have now hit the market. Get the skillset to scale and grow your business to a different level.


Business Growth

Your business is 12 months to 3 years old, you need a different set of skills in Strategy, Marketing & Sales, Operations, HR and Financial Management.

Winning Mindset


Take Full Responsibility for whatever happens to your life. You are in Control

Work Hard and Smart

There is no shortcut to success. Work Freaking hard before you can work smart!

Don't Freaking Quit

Quitting is not an option. You either succeed or die trying!

Chomba Chuma

Dr. Chomba Chuma is a Kenyan born, South African entrepreneur who has wide experience in Business Leadership, Corporate Environment and start-up ventures.

As a medical doctor and burning desire to make a difference in his community, he has gone out of the clinical norm and ventured into business and leadership roles.

He was re-located to South Africa by a Pharmaceutical Multinational in charge of the Sub-Saharan market and later ventured into business through his personal enterprises.

With more than 12 years’ experience, he has launched numerous companies and led various initiatives including his current position as the interim chairman of KEDASA (Kenyan Diaspora in South Africa).
His current undertakings include Healthcare, Investments and Africa’s Industrialization

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