Dr. Chomba Chuma - Resilience

Resilience in business is underrated! It’s entrepreneurship.

You quit your trained profession, not because you don’t love it, but because you want to contribute more.

You join multinational pharma corporate and despite the glamour, you cannot stand the petty fights (having dealt with life & death situations – sic!).

Start a business with zero entrepreneurial skills… then realize you’re building the parachute after skydiving.

Fail the first business and rejoin the corporate… pettiness continues, can’t stand it for a year!

Then you get a break to partner & launch a UK multinational in South Africa, only to be short-changed and realize that the brands belong to someone else! 😠Carpet pulled under your feet in a day!

Back in the trenches and restart all over again with own brands… anemic performance without unique selling proposition! Me too brands!

Then you get another break (finally), license globally patented technology (US, UK, SA, AUS & JPN) and secure VC finance… only to launch the products a month before COVID.😞 Layoff staff, apply for COVID relief, and do WEIT (Whatever It Takes) to keep business afloat.

Keep moving, keep adding value and the market will value your offering accordingly.

Why not quit? Why keep moving forward? Because it’s what winners are made of!

Never stop dreaming, never stop winning, because the alternative is not an option! 😃

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