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Made in Africa? That sounds like a pipe dream to many, but our beginnings and motivation can genuinely be captured in that one statement.

It started with a realization that our communities in Africa are so much dependent on imports for the very basic needs and simple goods that could otherwise be made locally. Production creates jobs and lowers the cost of living. Employment that alleviates the very poverty that has sunk these communities into destitution.

This is not to say that Africa shouldn’t be importing. On the contrary. Africa’s overreliance on basic items means that it cannot offer value to the world despite an abundance of local resources not available elsewhere on the planet.

“So, it was in an African village that was born; after using imported toothpicks that could otherwise have been made in a local business.”

This encounter provided the context of a fragmented connection between our economies and basic livelihoods in the local communities. Despite an abundance of local skills, educated personnel, and natural resources, there is starvation amidst plenty.

The cycle of poverty and survival for meager livelihoods leads to misery and indigence that is difficult to get out of. It is disheartening for any parent to watch the desolate and hopeless faces of their children when they cannot provide for basic food, clothing, and healthcare needs.

“How does a young man provide for his family in a 400 square meter piece of ‘arable’ land, jobless and unskilled?”
“The solutions are simple, but not easy. Commerce, more specifically, eCommerce.”

What is commerce, you may ask? At we believe the solution comes from the person, the business, or community that is seeking value;


What product or service can we provide from Africa? How can we add value to your life, your business, or your community?

By purchasing from African verified businesses, you provide a dignified living to individuals who are the breadwinner for their families. You reduce the reliance on foreign aid, loans, and grants, because ‘Commerce is the new Aid’. You are providing livelihoods to families & communities and thereby breaking the cycle of dependence and poverty.

You are our most valued resource, our customer. We salute you! provides a platform for verified manufacturers and producers to showcase their products and services. A securem trusted, and transparent eCommerce portal for businesses to transact (B2B) and consumers to purchase (B2C) through FBA distribution channels.

We are passionate about the stories from our producers, customers, and partners alike who are relentless in pursuit of better living conditions for all and Redefining Africa.

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