What defines Chomba

The principles and values that Chomba stands for can easily be summarised in the following 6 attributes.


  1. Serial Entrepreneur – Looking for opportunities in every prosperity or adversity
    • Chomba is a seasoned entrepreneur over the years.
    • He moved into the corporate world immediately after Internship and looked after Sub-Sahara pharmaceutical business for a Swiss Multinational.
    • Thereafter, he moved into a French Multinational pharmaceutical company where he was the South African National Sales Manager in charge of one of their leading brand in country.
    • After four years in the corporate, he started his own business and has since launched several successful companies
    • He looks for opportunities in every situation
  2. Principal Networker – Tapping into people and relationships in business
  3. Business Leader – Uncovering the potential of team work in Business
  4. Visionary Leadership – Creating compelling future with clarity.
  5. Business Developer – (IQC) Innovation, Quantification and Consistency
  6. Medical Business Coach – Medical principles in coaching for peak success!
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