Ideas without focus and energy are DEAD!

When is the last time you stunned yourself? My latest venture into business has caught me by surprise. Previously, I have churned out loads of ideas into business, but this time I have to admit that I have literally dazed myself!

In less than a month, we have gone through regulatory impediments, drawn up numerous contracts with suppliers and instituted a system that will get over twenty companies working together; all within the highly regulated rigid and tough healthcare industry!

The projected revenue is in excess of R2,5million in the first three months and an annual revenue projection of R 15million in the first year. Is this going to happen? You bet! I’ll keep you posted on this blog! I’m looking forward and the prospect helps me literally to jump out of my bed every morning!

I have been dumbfounded by two primary lessons while working at this venture:

First, is the importance of focus.  Focus is possibly the least taught virtue in human value system. Its importance surpasses almost any other skill if you want to get something done. The more you focus, the more you find solutions to otherwise insurmountable obstacles. Like Anthony Robins says, focus is like a laser beam. With focus, barriers look like smoke screens; challenges are replaced by numerous options; obstacles are little nagging inconveniences that are shrunken to nothing. One way or another, your path clears and ahead, the freeway of success and realization of one’s dream is openly laid out.

Entrepreneurs and most business start-ups lack this skill and this leads to numerous failures. Without focus, every little challenge seems like a mountain to climb. This leads to delays, procrastination and even worse, giving up. I have been a victim to this as well. In my early days as an entrepreneur, I remember all the challenges that came up and gave all the good reasons why we could not proceed. Not that I wasn’t resilient enough, or skilled enough, but I did not have the laser-focus that is required to make through such challenges. With the current knowledge and skill set I can now use my hindsight to understand the situation better.

Secondly is the need for energy within a start-up idea. Great ideas will remain dead unless there is loads of energy behind them! By energy, I mean the enthusiasm, fervor, gusto and excitement that raises interest even in the most skeptical person. If your business idea is not delivered with passion, zest and body language that radiates with energy, there is no way you will convince anyone of its feasibility!

As an entrepreneur, you have to carry your idea with so much energy that every prospective supplier, customer, vendor etc you meet will be left without a doubt of the viability of the venture. Anything short of this is blatant failure! You cannot get people to like your idea if it lacks the drive and fire that ignites passion. 

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