KEDASA is the umbrella body of ALL Kenyans living in South Africa and represents the interest for the community in both countries.

In the initial meeting where the idea of KEDASA was initiated, the Kenyan High Commissioner in South Africa, H.E. Tom Amolo, highlighted the importance of having an umbrella organization that looked at the common interests of the Diaspora. 


These included:

  • The need to have an organization that represents the voice of Kenyans in South Africa.
  • Diversity of Kenyans we have in South Africa is also a source of strength. Of importance is to bring in young, dynamic and energetic Kenyans to such a forum considering their volume and capacity in contribution
  • In addition, it should seek relevance to all Kenyans living in South Africa to address their needs
  • Among its duties would be to lobby for various interests that affect Kenyans living here
  • Such an organization should interface with Kenyan leaders when they visit South Africa
  • Similarly it should also interface with other Kenyan organizations in various parts of the world e.g. US, UK, Holland, Germany etc

This ultimately formed the idea for having a common platform and voice and coined the name KEDASA (Kenyan Diaspora Living in South Africa)

KEDASA was thus born and agreed to register it Under Section 21 as a non-profit making organization. This was realised later and in February 2012 we were registered with the Department of Social Development.

For more information and how to join KEDASA visit our website – 

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