Philosophy in Life

It was while in the corporate world when I first came across Jim Rohn, foremost speaker and life coach in United States, who clarified the question of philosophy in life. It helped me realize that my philosophy in life shapes my future.


In its simplest terms, Philosophy in Life is the thinking and viewpoint that I constantly imprint; what I uphold in life, my attitude, my outlook, my perceptions and my discernments ultimately either gave me a future that I have planned for or one which I had no control over.

It is one thing to know what your philosophy is, but it is another to put it into action and make it a living narrative in ones life. Altogether, without understanding one’s own philosophy, life is futile, ineffective and fruitless. Continuous enhancement and sharpening of ones philosophy and understanding is correctly described by Stephen R. Covey, in his best seller – The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – where he talks of “Sharpening the Saw”.

This led me towards exploring other avenues, opportunities and possibilities with high emphasis on Strategy, Goals and Execution to realize my dreams.

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