I’m a firm believer in Servant Leadership. We are moving into an era where leadership is not about position or authority, but Influence. The best leadership is what has come to be known as “Opt-in Leadership” ; best examples being leadership in a Volunteer organization! Followers will only come to you because of Influence, not because of your “position” or “authority”!

Why are Blacks Poor? The Jewish Interview!

Borrowed from the Internet: INTERVIEWER: Why are blacks so behind economically? JEWISH LEADER: The only aspect blacks understand is consumption. Black people don’t understand the importance of building wealth. The fundamental rule is to keep the money within your racial group. We build Jewish Business, Hire Jewish, Buy Jewish and Spend Jewish. There is nothing […]

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Opinion:You Lazy (Intellectual) African Scum!

They call the Third World the lazy man’s purview; the sluggishly slothful and languorous prefecture. In this realm people are sleepy, dreamy, torpid, lethargic, and therefore indigent—totally penniless, needy, destitute, poverty-stricken, disfavored, and impoverished. In this demesne, as they call it, there are hardly any discoveries, inventions, and innovations. Africa is the trailblazer. Some still

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UNCEA Report – Kenya highest in Poverty Rise over 2 decades!

Even though Africa has made progress towards achieving MDG (Millennium Development Goals), some countries have actually seen a rise in Poverty Levels. Kenya had the highest rise in Poverty Levels in Sub-Sahara Africa in the 2 decades (1990-2010)  with a rise of 28.4%! This report may have escaped your radar, but would like to bring

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Meeting Steve Wozniak – Apple co-founder

[caption id="attachment_130" align="alignnone" width="709"]Steve Wozniac – Co-founder of Apple Inc[/caption]

I am sometimes honored to meet interesting and amazing people. In this circumstance, I must have met one of my business idols and undoubtedly the brains behind Apple – Steve Wozniak!. His insights into business and technology are amazing.

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Vitamin Boost – Entrepreneur

[caption id="attachment_135" align="alignnone" width="317"]MD Vitabiotics, Chomba Chuma[/caption]

BY XOLILE BHENGU, APRIL 02 2012, 10:56

Vitabiotics SA MD Chomba Chuma doesn’t regret switching careers from medical doctor to businessman. While working for a multinational pharmaceutical company, the Kenya-born doctor saw an opportunity in the SA market to start a company supplying complementary medicines.

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